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 GT PAC Minutes 12/9/2019

In Attendance:

Mary Warren, Anderson ES

Leo Goranov, Tipps ES

Natalie Hernandez, Tipps ES

Lydia Price, Reid Academy

LeeNora Mintz, Cabaniss Academy

Kendra Hopkins, Cross Timbers IS & Howard MS

Steffanie Steelhammer, Shepard Academy

Sara Valline, Lillard IS

Melissa Allen, Low IS

Michael Coyne, Wester MS

Erica Gorruso, Coble MS


Welcome and Board Reports

-Sara Valline,  Communications Chair: managing FB and website.  Requests

newsletters be sent to GTPAC email.  Send website link to campus specialists for newsletter ideas.

-Mike Coyne, GT Services Chair : no new updates

-Steffanie Steelhammer, Parental Support Chair: Smart but Scattered book.  Discussion on executive functions and routines.  NAGC tip sheets to be posted. 

-Melissa Allen, Vice President: Community Town Hall and board meetings updates.

Advanced Academics Report

-Theresa Francis, Advanced Academics Coordinator:  Discussion re board meetings.  To present at board meeting next week re AP curriculum.  Supervisor retiring, doesn't anticipate major changes this year.  Continuing to work on state plan.  3 year window for compliance.  Current year on target.

-Brigette Cardenas, K-6 Instructional Coach: 2nd grade testing completed and working on identification.  Sharing new strategies for differentiation with teachers from state conference.  Discussion of independent study projects.

-Melanie Beckett, 7-12 Instructional Coach: independent study projects underway.  Some campuses have time allotted, some do not.  Discussion of AP and Capstone.

Continued Board Report

Kendra Hopkins, President: Discussion of TAGT giftED19 Conference.  Met with leaders of other parent groups, some local.  Sara Gray ( possible speaker for March.  Session on jargon, will share online.  Tuesday posting on FB.  Field trips- challenge vs extension vs enrichment.

Future Meeting Dates:  Feb 3, Apr 27