GT PAC Minutes April 29, 2019

TAGT: State GT legislation allotment update

  • Jason Bair - As of 4 days ago the version of the bill from the House remains the same in the Senate, it has removed the GT allotment.  Very important to continue contacting representatives and get the word out

  • Teresa Francis – additional update: Not in bill yet, Senator Jane Nelson has said that she will propose that the 1st amendment to the bill will be to fund GT

    • Current funding allots additional money to schools for GT up to 5% of district population

    • At this time, MISD has more than 5% of the district population in GT

    • Bills in the past have tried to eliminate GT funding but never made it to the Senate

    • Good news: the overall state funding per student will see a significant increase (about 700 per kid per year)

  • Suggested to follow TAGT on Facebook or through email for daily updates and “calls to action”

    • How to get this information to GT parents? Suggestions: welcome packets, attending/speaking at school GT meetings

Communication with Parents

  • Christy McGraw at Donna Shepard held a meeting for new/incoming GT parents.  Good outreach suggested at district level (not required). Again, mention of welcome packet for parents or welcome newsletter

  • Inform parents of GT funding proposals

  • Communicating GT funding concerns to the School Board.  GT/PAC falls at the bottom of the agenda for School Board meetings and gets pushed to next meeting after running out of time.  Parents can request to speak at meeting

Officer Nominations/Vote

  • President - Kendra Hopkins 

  • Vice President - Melissa Allen 

  • Recording Secretary - open

Chair Positions

  • Communications Chair - open

  • GT Services Chair - Michael Coyne

  • Parental Support Chair - Steffanie Steelhammer

Updates for Advanced Academics

  • Brigette Cardenas: GT Training

  • Teresa Francis: Changes taking effect 2019-2020:

    • Previously: students scoring 95% on GT testing in the program; Now: expanding reach to students scoring 90%.  Greater reach demographically. The demographic percentages of students in GT should reflect the demographic percentages of the district

    • AP testing will require registration by November

  • Proposed GT Texas State Plan reduces the categories: In Compliance, Recommended, and Exemplary to: Accountability and Exemplary - merging most of the previous 2 lower categories and adding additional requirements for the district to meet accountability.  

    • One proposed: GT Learning Reports/IEP.  Shows growth, academic goals, social/emotional goals of individual students.  Good focus on the social/emotional. Current thoughts to use STAAR testing as a way to follow academic progress.  Observing other districts and their approach to these Student Reports.

    • If approved in June, will begin in August

  • External audit of GT services next school year 2019-2020 (required to be performed every 3 years)

    • Unknow yet who will be performing audit