Welcome and introduction of new reps
Membership dues
2 people short, added funds and will get signed up.
Zoom Meeting
POC/Communications Zoom Meeting

Spring Event/Speaker Recap and Assessment
Cheryl – Daniel Hitman spoke on perfectionism and underachievement. It was toward the end of the
night. He had some handouts. Great speaker, very personable.
Suggestions for improvement – have it earlier in the evening. Improve communication to parents.
District wide version of communication to parents. Purpose of symposium is meant to showcase their
work but projects purpose is the process of creating. Take into account changes and make changes for
next year. Question about having it on a Saturday.
Fall symposium is more parent session driven, spring more showcase driven.
Discussed gaps in GT Program and where difficulties occur.
The journey is the process, but they need guidance in the process for it to be meaningful. Focusing on
the journey can be challenging with many inconsistencies. Applying PBL learning at STEM to project for
GT symposium.
Officer Nominations
Bylaws are on the website
President - Open
Vice President – Open
Secretary - Open
Parent Services – Parent reps for the schools, having a speaker for the symposium. Supporting parents
that are coming to the meeting.
Communications – Website, sending out info on meetings
GT Services -
Temporary Treasurer – if the group deems that it is needed
Let Jason know if you would like to run and we will be voting on positions at the next meeting.

Campus Reports
K-6 Bridgette – Working with LA curriculum for definition for curriculum with new GT Teaks coming out.
GT Teachers getting mini training for campus specific training hours to meet their need. Ending ID
window, compiling data, parent notifications. Busy time. Changed to top 10% instead of top 5% to be
more equitable and less narrow to not leave out students who have lack of experience or access to high
literacy in the homes. Casting a wider net would allow some of those students to have a better footing.
Melanie 7-12 – AP imposed common assessments. Working with teachers to improve the program.
College Board is making some changes to the AP program. Online dashboard. Teachers will have a code
to share with students and they can join the classroom. More access to questions and College board
id/password is important for you child to know their user id because teachers can’t provide it to them,
only college board. AP study sessions, (MHS) March 23, Math/ social studies (PAC) April 13 th Science
and ELA
Proposal out by TEA elementary and secondary education act. Open window for public comment on
accelerated testing as you take Algebra I they take the EOC. 3/25 at 5 pm.
Performance.reporting@tea.texas.gov also info on tea website.
Science camp (1 st and 2 nd weeks) and camp create (2 nd week) first two weeks of June.
Linda Jobe just did the in house field trip – made and designed roller coasters.
Lillard did Perot Museum heart dissection.