General Meeting

29 Jan 2018


School transition discussions – I-Jung Chiang

  • Parent Volunteers are needed to be on the Transition Panel at the Advanced Academics Symposium on February 13, 2018. Signup sheet passed around.

  • GT Specialist Volunteers are also needed for the Transition Panel discussion

  • Suggested questions / discussion topics for the Transition Pane

    How to get GT information about services and who to talk with?

    How does the program look different in IS, MS and HS? Education? Social/Emotional?

    GT Specialists give overview of their level.

    What does a GT student look like at each level?

    What type of questions should you ask your GT Specialist?

    What’s required at each level to continue to receive GT services? Example: High Schoolers must be in at least one AP class; Intermediate Schoolers are required to take 2 (or 4) Pre-AP classes. If they do not take Pre-AP or AP as required, they are furloughed.

    Communications – Kristi Ferguson

  • GT-PAC fliers were passed out to share with campus parents. Find the flier here: http://mansfieldgtpac.ch2v.com/content.asp?PageID=14

  • GT Field Trip feedback updated soon on our website

    GT Services – Keith Stendebach

    All teachers who have GT students have had their required training (except one).

    Future officers / board members

  • What’s your passion? Where is your Interest? Please consider serving on the board for 2018-19. Open positions will be available at the next meeting.

  • Current Board:

  • President - Jason Bair

  • Vice President - Julie Hamilton

  • Communications chair - Kristi Ferguson

  • GT Services chair - Keith Stendebach

  • Parental Support chair - I-Jung Chiang

  • Recording Secretary - Kendra Hopkins

  • After discussion, the decision was made to not continue with the Parent Rep Coordinator position. However, we need to do a better job communicating with and introducing new reps to the council. Ideas included:

    Action Items at the bottom of minute

    Asking new parent reps arrive at meetings 15 minutes early (at 6:15pm) to meet with a Board Member who will go over Rep responsibilities and answer questions.

    Begin each meeting with follow up to the Action Items from the previous meeting.

    Good things on campus – Jason Bair

    Kristi shared that her school’s field trip to the UTA Planetarium and science show was great!

Advanced Academics Coordinator – Teresa Francis

  • Plans for GT program roadmap, school board meeting

    • All GT teachers, except 1, have received their training and/or updated training

    • Reporting to MISD School Board is currently scheduled for Feb 27 (MISD CPA 7:00pm)

    • Specialist Academy (first ever) was a success. This allows GT Specialist to be trained on concepts that they can take back to their campus to share/implement.

  • AP program update

    • State cut funding for tests that any low-income student takes (announced in Dec to be in effect in May); District has had to come up with the shortfall

    • State reimbursement for AP teacher training was cut in half so Advanced Academics will need to determine how this training will be paid for in the future.

    • District must provide curriculum for AP teachers that match state requirements. Program coordinators will be working on writing curriculum this summer.

    • Top 100 PSAT 10th graders will be provided information on what they can do to prep for 11th grade PSAT (qualifier for National Merit Finalists).

Instructional Coaches’ Report

  • Brigette Cardenas

    • K-6 follow up on instruction differentiation with teachers is happening now.

    • About 300 people attended the GT Information night for those interested in the GT program. As a result, there are many referrals submitted that Brigette is processing now.

    • 2nd Grade GT Testing will happen Mar 26 – April 13. Parents will receive a report about their child’s strength and weaknesses by April 20. Any who potentially qualify for GT will also receive a letter.

  • Melanie Beckett

    • Following up with teachers to ensure taught strategies are in use the class rooms.

    • Preparing strategies for those in AP foreign language classes to better prepare them for the oral part of the AP test.

    • Registration for AP tests will be coming out this week. Students will do these in their class.

Miscellaneous Topics / New Business - None


Future Meetings 6:30 pm at RL Anderson: Mar 26, May 14

Advanced Academics Symposium: Feb 13, 5p – 8p (Transition Panel 5:45 – 6:30; Q&A 6:30 – 7:00)

Action Items:

Teresa Francis:

  1. Reach out to GT Specialists for Transition Panel at Advanced Academics Symposium

  2. Print posters with GT Specialists names for each campus (to be posted in the Q&A room)

Parent Reps:

  1. Share GT Remind information with parents on your campus - http://mansfieldgtpac.ch2v.com/content.asp?PageID=14

  2. Invite to GT parents on your campus to Advanced Academics Symposium & MISD Board Meeting

  3. Provide quotes/feedback from kids about their GT field trips this year, for GT PAC website

  4. Attend MISD Board Meeting on Feb 27 at 7:30pm.

I-Jung, Jason & Kendra:

  1. Select Transition Panel discussion questions.

Kristi & Kendra:

  1. Design and print handout for GT parents at Transition Panel