Listed below are a few GT Field Trips that some of our schools will be going on:

Mind Maze

Medieval Times

UTA Planetarium Fall/Waco to NASA


Perot Museum coming to them

The Fab Lab at UTA

George W. Bush Presidential Library

UTA Planetarium

Sci Tech Disc Center


Perot Museum

 CR Smith Museum

Spark creativity center

MISD Ag Center

Casa Manana


Linda Jobe MS GT Field Trip -  Student Comments 

The field trip to UTA was an educational and engaging trip in which we learned a lot of cool facts with bits and pieces of fun to keep everyone interested along the way.” - 7th Grader


Our trip to the UTA campus was very educational, and I liked it a lot. The planetarium was really cool. Im glad we go on those type of field trips because they are fun, educational, and creative.”- 7th Grader


Our trip to the UTA Planetarium was an unforgettable trip. We learned things about space that were out of this world.”-  7th Grader


When we went on the GT field trip to the UTA Planetarium, we learned about many constellations and saw a couple of science experiments. It was a great educational trip that was also really fun.” - 7th Grader


The field trip to the planetarium was informative and fun because we learned about constellations and planets.”- 7th grader